Mark Sermons

Sermons on Mark (Evenings) by Miguel del Toro (most recent at the top)

2017/8/20 “Et Tu, Brute? – The Blindness of the Disciples” Mark 8:13-21   8/13/2017 “Jesus Encounters More Deafness and Blindness” Mark 8:10-208/6/2017 “Bread in the Wilderness (again)” Mark 8:1-9  Sorry no recording

 7/30/2017 “Opened and Loosened” Mark 7:31-37 7/23/2017 “Humility and Faith from a Gentile” Mark 7:24-30 7/16/2017 “The Heart of Our Problem” Mark 7:14-24 7/9/2017 “Whose Word Is Law” Mark 7:1-13 7/2/2017 “The ‘I AM’ Passing By” Mark 6: 45-56 6/5/2017 “Bread in the Wilderness, Pt.2” Mark 6:30-44 – technical difficulties

5/7/2017 “Bread in the Wilderness, pt.1” Mark 6:30-44, part 1 12/18/2016 “Mission and Martyrdom” Mark 6:6b-30  12/11/2016 “A Word About Your Words (and Mine)” James 3:1-13 12/4/2016 “Unwelcome At Home” 10/23/2016 “Ulrich Zwingli, Swiss Reformer” (not part of Mark series)

10/16/2016 “An Inauspicious Beginning” Mark 4:30-34 10/9/2016 “God Giveth the Increase” Mark 4:26-29 10/2/2016 “Listen Carefully” Mark 4:21-25 9/4/2016 “The Binding of Satan and the True Family of Jesus” Mark 3:19b-35 8/21/2016 “Jesus and the Crowds, Jesus and the Twelve” Mark 3:7-19

8/14/2016 Technical Difficulties

8/7/2016 “The Old and the New” Mark 2:18-227/24/2016 “Jesus is for Sinners” Mark 2:13-177/17/2016 Technical Difficulties

7/3/2016 “Saving faith & Shocking Compassion” Mark 1:40-45 6/19/2016 “Private Prayer and Public Purpose” Mark 1:35-456/5/2016 “Sad Things Coming Untrue” Mark 1:29-395/22/2016 “The Authority and Idetity of Jesus” Mark 1:21-285/15/2016 “Jesus’ Preaching and Effectual Calling of His Disciples” Mark 1:14-20 5/8/2016 “The Baptizzer, the Baptism, and the Temptation, pt.5” Mark 1 5/1/20216 “What About the Jews?” (not part of the Mark Series) 4/17/2016 “The Baptizer, the Baptism, pt.4” Mark 14/10/2016 Technical Difficulties

4/3/2016 “The Baptizer, pt.2” Mark 13/13/2016 “The Baptizer” Mark 13/6/2016 “The Gospel of Jesus” Mark 1:12/21/2016 “Introduction to the Gospel of Mark, part 4”2/14/2016 “Introduction to the Gospel of Mark, part 3”

2/7/2016 “Introduction to the Gospel of Mark, part 2”1/24/2016 “Introduction to the Gospel of Mark, part 1”

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