Genesis Sermons

Sermons on Genesis by Miguel del Toro (most recent at the top)

1/8/2017 “Ending Well” Genesis 50:15-26 1/1/2017 “Israel Gathered to his People in the Land of Promise” Genesis 50:1-14 partial recording (first 10 minutes missing)12/18/2016 “The Faith of Jacob” Genesis 49:13-33  12/4/2016 “Adoption, Reversal, and Blessing”  Genesis 48:1-2211/27/2016 “Dealing with Trouble” Psalms 3 & 4 by George Stiekes, guest speaker 11/20/2016 “A Study in Contrasts: Israel and Egypt, Joseph & Jesus”Genesis 47:13-31 11/13/2016 “Reunion and Provision” Genesis 46:28-47:12 11/6/2016 “The LORD Shall Reign Forever” Psalm 146 10/30/2016 “Provision and Promise” Genesis 45:16-46:2710/23/2016 “The Moment of Truth” Genesis 44:1-45:15 10/16/2016 “Grace Upon Grace” Genesis 43:1-34 10/9/2016 “Severe Mercies” Genesis 42:1-38 10/2/2016 “Joseph’s Reversal of Fortunes” Genesis 41 9/25/2016 “God Moves in a Mysterious Way His Wonders to Perform” Genesis 40 9/18/2016 “If God Be For Us …” Genesis 39:1-239/11/2016 “Judah, Tamar, and the Seed” Genesis 38:1-30 9/4/2016 “The Hatred of Man and the Providence of God” Genesis 37:2-36 8/28/2016 “The Generations of Jacob: the Bib Picture”  Genesis 37-50 8/21/2016 “The Generations of Esau” Genesis 36:1-438/14/2016 “Sadness and Blessing, Death and Life” Genesis 35:16-298/7/2016 “Renewing the Covenant at Bethel” Genesis 35:1-157/31/2016 “Violation and Vengence” Genesis 34:1-317/24/2016 “Facing Esau” Genesis 33:1-177/17/2016 “Fearing Esau and Wrestling with God” Genesis 32:1-32 7/10/2016 “Leaving Laban” Genesis 31:17-55 7/3/2016 “Human Contrivance and Divine Blessing” Genesis 30:25-31:16 6/26/2016 “Dysfunction, Blessing, and the Original Children of Israel” Genesis 29:31-30:246/19/2016 “The Delightful and Frightful Providence of God” Genesis 29:1-30  6/5/16 “The Ugliness of Sin” Genesis 27:30-28:9 5/29/2016 “Scheming and blessing” Genesis 27:1-27 5/22/2016 “Like Father, Like Son” Genesis 26:1-355/15/2016 “Unconditional Election and Personal Responsibility” Genesis 25:19-34 5/8/16 Genesis 25:1-18 5/1/16 “Leaving Home to Find Home” Genesis 24 continued 4/24/2016 “Steps of Faith and Rewards of Providence” Genesis 24  4/17/2016 “The Ethic and Practice of Grace” Philippians 2:1-8 (not part of the Genesis series) by Chris Mills, guest speaker4/10/2016 “Looking Backward, Looking Forward” Genesis 22:20-23:204/3/2016 “The Importance of Abraham’s Obedience” Genesis 22:11-193/27/2016 “The Resurrection Faith of Father Abraham” Genesis 22:1-193/20/2016 “Action & Attribution or Blessing & Responsibility” Genesis 21:22-343/13/2016 “The Bondwoman Cast Out, Yet Cared For” Genesis 21:8-213/6/2016 “Promises Kept and God-given Laughter” Genesis 21:1-82/28/2016 “God’s Abundant Grace to Abraham, the Sinner” Genesis 20:1-18 2/21/2016 “Sodom as a Paradigm of Iniquity and Judgment” Selected Texts 2/14/2016 “As Through Fire” Genesis 19:1-38 2/7/2016 “Abraham as Intercessor” Genesis18:16-33 1/31/2016 “Too Good To Be True?” Genesis 18:1-151/24/2016 “The Fulfillment of Circumcision” Selected Texts1/17/2016 “The Significance of Circumcision” Selected Texts1/10/2016 “The Covenant of Circumcision, pt. 2” Genesis 17:1-27  12/27/2015 “Teach Us to Number Our Days” Psalm 90 (A Break from Genesis)12/13/2015 “Plan B The God Who Sees” Genesis 16:1-16 11/29/2015 “Genesis 15:6 in the New Testament” Selected Texts11/22/2015 “Righteousness by Faith” Genesis 15:1-611/15/2015 “Melchizedek and Lesser Kings” Genesis 14:1-2411/8/2015 “Parting of the Ways” Genesis 13:1-18 10/25/2015 “Abraham: Election and Embarkation” Genesis 12:1-910/18/2015 “Father Abraham Had Many Sons (NT)”10/11/15 “Father Abraham Had Many Sons (OT)”10/4/2015 “Introducing Abraham” Genesis 11:10-329/27/2015 “The Tower of Babel(on)” Genesis 11:1-99/20/2015 “The Table of Nations” Genesis 10:1-32 9/6/2015 AM “The Noahic Covenant” Genesis 9:8-178/30/2015 AM “Life and Death in the New World” Genesis 9:1-78/23/2015 AM “Rest, Blessing, and Covenant” Genesis 8:13-9:178/16/2015 AM “Remembrance and Waiting” Genesis 8:1-128/9/2015 AM “Salvation and Judgment” Genesis 7:1-24 7/26/2015 AM “Noah’s Flood: The Big Picture” Genesis 6:9-9:297/19/2015 AM “The New Testament of Noah’s Flood” 2 Peter 3:3-187/12/2015 AM “The Road to Ruin, pt.2” Genesis 6:1-87/5/2015 AM “The Road to Ruin, pt.1” Genesis 6:1-86/28/2015 AM “Death, Faith, and Hope: From Seth to Noah” Genesis 5:1-36/21/2015 AM “The Two Seeds & the City of Man” Genesis 4:17-266/14/2015 AM “Two Brothers, Two Seeds, pt.2” Genesis 4:1-166/7/2015 PM “Two Brothers, Two Seeds, pt.1” Genesis 4:1-165/24/2015 AM “Be Fruitful and Multiply” Genesis 45/17/2015 AM “Hope and Heartbreak” Genesis 3:20-245/10/2015 AM “The Consequences of Disobedience” Genesis 3:16-205/3/2015 AM “Shame, Blame, and the Curse of the Serpent” Genesis 3:8-15; plus the baptism of Hannah & Erin del Toro4/26/2015 AM “The Serpent’s Schemes” Genesis 3:1-7 4/19/2015 AM “The First Marriage in the New Testament” 4/12/2015 AM “The First Marriage” Genesis 2:18-25 3/29/2015 AM “The Man and the Garden” Genesis 2:4-17 3/22/2015 AM “Day 7 Rest” Genesis 2:1-3 3/8/2015 AM “God Fills His Creation, Days 4-6” Genesis 1:14-31 3/1/2015 AM “God Rules His Creation” Genesis 1:3-13 2/22/2015/AM “In the Beginning” Genesis 1:1-2 2/15/2015 AM “Generations: Introducing Genesis. the Book of Beginnings, Part 3” 2/8/2015 AM “Generations: Introducing Genesis. the Book of Beginnings, Part 2” 2/1/2015 AM “Generations: Introducing Genesis, the Book of Beginnings”

November 2, 2014 AM “Worship:Biblical Theology, part 1” November 2, 2014 PM “Christians and Politics” November 9, 2014 AM “Worship: Biblical Theology, part 2” November 16, 2014 AM “Worship: Biblical Practice, Part 1” November 23, 2014 AM “Worship: Biblical  Practice, Part 2” November 23, 2014 PM “The Transfiguration, Part 1” November 30, 2014 AM “Heart Problems” December 7, 2014 PM “God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibilty” 2/8/15 PM “The Canon of Scripture”2/15/15 PM “Theology Proper” 5/3/15 PM “The Importance of The Seed in Redemptive History”



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