Genesis Sermons

Sermons on Genesis by Miguel del Toro (most recent at the top)

1/8/2017 “Ending Well” Genesis 50:15-26 1/1/2017 “Israel Gathered to his People in the Land of Promise” Genesis 50:1-14 partial recording (first 10 minutes missing)12/25/2016 “God With Us” Matthew 1:18-25  Christmas Message12/24/2016 Christmas Eve Service 12/18/2016 “The Faith of Jacob” Genesis 49:13-33  12/4/2016 “Adoption, Reversal, and Blessing”  Genesis 48:1-2211/27/2016 “Dealing with Trouble” Psalms 3 & 4 by George Stiekes, guest speaker 11/20/2016 “A Study in Contrasts: Israel and Egypt, Joseph & Jesus”Genesis 47:13-31 11/13/2016 “Reunion and Provision” Genesis 46:28-47:12 11/6/2016 “The LORD Shall Reign Forever” Psalm 146 10/30/2016 “Provision and Promise” Genesis 45:16-46:2710/23/2016 “The Moment of Truth” Genesis 44:1-45:15 10/16/2016 “Grace Upon Grace” Genesis 43:1-34 10/9/2016 “Severe Mercies” Genesis 42:1-38 10/2/2016 “Joseph’s Reversal of Fortunes” Genesis 41 9/25/2016 “God Moves in a Mysterious Way His Wonders to Perform” Genesis 40 9/18/2016 “If God Be For Us …” Genesis 39:1-239/11/2016 “Judah, Tamar, and the Seed” Genesis 38:1-30 9/4/2016 “The Hatred of Man and the Providence of God” Genesis 37:2-36 8/28/2016 “The Generations of Jacob: the Bib Picture”  Genesis 37-50 8/21/2016 “The Generations of Esau” Genesis 36:1-438/14/2016 “Sadness and Blessing, Death and Life” Genesis 35:16-298/7/2016 “Renewing the Covenant at Bethel” Genesis 35:1-157/31/2016 “Violation and Vengence” Genesis 34:1-317/24/2016 “Facing Esau” Genesis 33:1-177/17/2016 “Fearing Esau and Wrestling with God” Genesis 32:1-32 7/10/2016 “Leaving Laban” Genesis 31:17-55 7/3/2016 “Human Contrivance and Divine Blessing” Genesis 30:25-31:16 6/26/2016 “Dysfunction, Blessing, and the Original Children of Israel” Genesis 29:31-30:246/19/2016 “The Delightful and Frightful Providence of God” Genesis 29:1-30  6/5/16 “The Ugliness of Sin” Genesis 27:30-28:9 5/29/2016 “Scheming and blessing” Genesis 27:1-27 5/22/2016 “Like Father, Like Son” Genesis 26:1-355/15/2016 “Unconditional Election and Personal Responsibility” Genesis 25:19-34 5/8/16 Genesis 25:1-18 5/1/16 “Leaving Home to Find Home” Genesis 24 continued 4/24/2016 “Steps of Faith and Rewards of Providence” Genesis 24  4/17/2016 “The Ethic and Practice of Grace” Philippians 2:1-8 (not part of the Genesis series) by Chris Mills, guest speaker4/10/2016 “Looking Backward, Looking Forward” Genesis 22:20-23:204/3/2016 “The Importance of Abraham’s Obedience” Genesis 22:11-193/27/2016 “The Resurrection Faith of Father Abraham” Genesis 22:1-193/25/2016 Good Friday “The Costly Love of God” Romans 5:6-103/20/2016 “Action & Attribution or Blessing & Responsibility” Genesis 21:22-343/13/2016 “The Bondwoman Cast Out, Yet Cared For” Genesis 21:8-213/13/2016 Q&A Genesis 21:8-213/6/2016 “Promises Kept and God-given Laughter” Genesis 21:1-82/28/2016 “God’s Abundant Grace to Abraham, the Sinner” Genesis 20:1-18 2/21/2016 “Sodom as a Paradigm of Iniquity and Judgment” Selected Texts 2/14/2016 “As Through Fire” Genesis 19:1-38 2/7/2016 “Abraham as Intercessor” Genesis18:16-33 1/31/2016 “Too Good To Be True?” Genesis 18:1-151/24/2016 “The Fulfillment of Circumcision” Selected Texts1/17/2016 “The Significance of Circumcision” Selected Texts1/17/2016 pm “Q & A re: Circumcision” 1/10/2016 “The Covenant of Circumcision, pt. 2” Genesis 17:1-27  12/27/2015 “Teach Us to Number Our Days” Psalm 90 (A Break from Genesis)12/20/2015 “Father Abraham as Father Christmas” Luke 1:54-55; 67-75 12/13/2015 “Plan B The God Who Sees” Genesis 16:1-16 11/29/2015 “Genesis 15:6 in the New Testament” Selected Texts11/22/2015 “Righteousness by Faith” Genesis 15:1-611/15/2015 “Melchizedek and Lesser Kings” Genesis 14:1-2411/8/2015 “Parting of the Ways” Genesis 13:1-18 10/25/2015 “Abraham: Election and Embarkation” Genesis 12:1-910/18/2015 “Father Abraham Had Many Sons (NT)”10/11/15 “Father Abraham Had Many Sons (OT)”10/4/2015 “Introducing Abraham” Genesis 11:10-329/27/2015 “The Tower of Babel(on)” Genesis 11:1-99/20/2015 “The Table of Nations” Genesis 10:1-32 9/13/2015 PM Q&A re: “Fall and Curse” Genesis 9:18-29 by Miguel del Toro9/6/2015 AM “The Noahic Covenant” Genesis 9:8-178/30/2015 AM “Life and Death in the New World” Genesis 9:1-78/23/2015 PM “Q&A from AM” by Miguel del Toro8/23/2015 AM “Rest, Blessing, and Covenant” Genesis 8:13-9:178/16/2015 AM “Remembrance and Waiting” Genesis 8:1-128/9/2015 AM “Salvation and Judgment” Genesis 7:1-24 7/26/2015 PM “Q&A from AM” Genesis 6:9-9.29 by Miguel del Toro7/26/2015 AM “Noah’s Flood: The Big Picture” Genesis 6:9-9:297/19/2015 AM “The New Testament of Noah’s Flood” 2 Peter 3:3-187/12/2015 PM Q&A from AM from Genesis 6:1-8 by Miguel  del Toro7/12/2015 AM “The Road to Ruin, pt.2” Genesis 6:1-87/5/2015 AM “The Road to Ruin, pt.1” Genesis 6:1-86/28/2015 AM “Death, Faith, and Hope: From Seth to Noah” Genesis 5:1-36/21/2015 AM “The Two Seeds and the City of Man” Genesis 4:17-266/14/2015 AM “Two Brothers, Two Seeds, pt.2” Genesis 4:1-166/7/2015 PM “Two Brothers, Two Seeds, pt.1” Genesis 4:1-165/24/2015 AM “Be Fruitful and Multiply” Genesis 45/17/2015 AM “Hope and Heartbreak” Genesis 3:20-245/10/2015 AM “The Consequences of Disobedience” Genesis 3:16-205/3/2015 AM “Shame, Blame, and the Curse of the Serpent” Genesis 3:8-15; plus the baptism of Hannah & Erin del Toro4/26/2015 AM “The Serpent’s Schemes” Genesis 3:1-7 by Miguel del Toro4/19/2015 AM “The First Marriage in the New Testament” by Miguel del Toro4/12/2015 AM “The First Marriage” Genesis 2:18-25 by Miguel del Toro3/29/2015 AM “The Man and the Garden” Genesis 2:4-17 by Miguel del Toro3/22/2015 AM “Day 7 Rest” Genesis 2:1-3 by Miguel del Toro3/8/2015 AM “God Fills His Creation, Days 4-6” Genesis 1:14-31 by Miguel del Toro3/1/2015 AM “God Rules His Creation” Genesis 1:3-13 by Miguel del Toro2/22/2015/AM “In the Beginning” Genesis 1:1-2 by Miguel del Toro2/15/2015 AM “Generations: Introducing Genesis. the Book of Beginnings, Part 3” By Miguel del Toro2/8/2015 AM “Generations: Introducing Genesis. the Book of Beginnings, Part 2” by Miguel del Toro2/1/2015 AM “Generations: Introducing Genesis,the Book of Beginnings” by Miguel del Toro






September 28, 2014 AM “Ekklesia: What Is the Church, part 5”  by Miguel del Toro
September 28, 2014 PM “The Tale of Two Cities, part 6”  by Miguel del ToroOctober 5, 2014 PM “Five Pillars of Truth for a Solid Faith, part 1” by Miguel del ToroOctober 12, 2014 AM “Ekklesia: What Is the Church? part 7” by Miguel del Toro October 12, 2014 PM “Five Pillars of Truth for a Solid Faith, part 2” by Miguel del ToroOctober 19, 2014 AM “Ekklesia:What Is the Church? part 8” by Miguel del ToroOctober 19, 2014 PM “Q&A” Plus “Five Pillars of Truth for a Solid Faith, part 3” starting at minute 47:00 by Miguel del ToroNovember 2, 2014 AM “Worship:Biblical Theology, part 1” by Miguel del ToroNovember 2, 2014 PM “Christians and Politics” by Miguel del ToroNovember 9, 2014 AM “Worship: Biblical Theology, part 2” by Miguel del ToroNovember 16, 2014 AM “Worship: Biblical Practice, Part 1” by Miguel del ToroNovember 23, 2014 AM “Worship: Biblical  Practice, Part 2” by Miguel del ToroNovember 23, 2014 PM “The Transfiguration, Part 1” by Miguel del ToroNovember 30, 2014 AM “Heart Problems” by Miguel del ToroNovember 30, 2014 PM “Q&A Heart Problems” by Miguel del ToroDecember 7, 2014 PM “God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibilty” by Miguel del Toro12/21/14 AM “Jesus and The Flight to Egypt” by Miguel del Toro12/24/14 PM “Christmas Eve Service” by Miguel del Toro12/28/14 AM “A New Beginning – John 21:15-22” by Miguel del Toro1/4/15 AM “How Great Is Our God” Exodus33:12-18 by Miguel del Toro1/11/15 AM “How Great Is Our God, Part2” Exodus 33:14-23 by Miguel del Toro1/18/15 “How Great Is Our God, Part 3” Exodus 34:1-7 by Miguel del Toro1/18/15 PM Q&A from morning plus “Abortion, the Coming Holocaust, the Justice of God” by Miguel del Toro1/25/15 AM “How Great Is Our God, Part 4” Exodus 34:8-35 partial sermon (tech problems) by Miguel del Toro2/8/15 PM “The Canon of Scripture” by Miguel del Toro2/15/15 PM “Theology Proper” by Miguel del Toro3/8/15 PM “Surviving the Storms of Life” by George Stiekes

3/15/15 “Ordination of Miguel del Toro5/3/15 PM “The Importance of The Seed in Redemptive History” by Miguel del Toro9/6/2015 PM “Covenants” by Miguel del Toro9/20/2015 PM “Covenants, Covenant Theology, and Dispensationalism”10/4/2015 PM “Historic Baptist Covenant Theology” by Miguel del Toro10/11/2015 PM “John Wycliffe:The Morning Star of the Reformation” by Miguel del Toro10/18/2015 PM “John Hus :Pre-Reformer and Martyr” by Miguel del Toro11/1/2015 PM “William Tyndale: Reformer,Martyr, and Father of the English Bible”





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